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Foreign Nationals

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Foreign Nationals

This is one of our areas of specialization which is not handled by many accountants. Mehnaz has been preparing tax returns for hundreds of foreigners for years. We work with international clients from numerous countries around the world. The rules are quite complex but we will always look for the optimal way for you to file.

One major classification is that of resident versus nonresident alien status.

If you qualify as a nonresident, you are taxed only on U.S. source income while as a resident you are taxed on worldwide income in the U.S. Also, non-residents are exempt from tax on U.S. bank and portfolio interest, and if they are present in the US for less than 183 days in a tax year, are also exempt from most capital gains tax.

If you can file as a federal nonresident, generally you can also file as a state nonresident. This can sometimes be quite beneficial, as you are normally not taxed in the state on interest, dividends and capital gains, or on earned income sourced outside the state.

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