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Information for Businesses

C-Corporations, S-Corporations, Partnerships & LLC Tax Returns

For us to process your tax return I will need the following information

  • A copy of the incorporation or formation documents.
  • Copy of last year’s return (if you are a new client), unless this is the first year in existence.
  • Income statement and balance sheet.
  • Amounts and dates of estimated taxes paid.
  • List of owners, their social security numbers, percentages owned, and number of shares of stock.

Corporations–both C and S–have a filing deadline of March 15 (the next Monday if the 15th falls on a weekend). Partnerships have the same deadline as individuals (usually April 15).

Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s)

There are no federal tax filing requirement specifically for LLC’s. The basic rule is that if the LLC has more than one member (owner), it must file a partnership return. If there is only one member, the LLC is considered a disregarded entity and its income and expenses are reported on the personal return.